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Tactical Recreation Activity Criterium: 03


2018 Dates  

7-14, 9Am, 8-11, 7Pm, 9-8, 7Pm.

Thank you for your interest in Wards Island Circuit Series!

Your support and enjoyment in its initial phases are the ONLY keys to its success!!! Wards Island is a 12/15, 15/20, 20/25mi race series!

Points (12-1) To Top 10 Male and W/T/F!

Prizes to Top 5 Male and W/T/F!

Cash to Top 3 Male/ and W/T/F!

(Juniors coming soon, stay tuned kids!) 

This is a community based, fixed gear only race. Created by Armstrong Race Management and thrown by DisTRACtion Circus Competitive Collective, this race is solely about the competitors!

Prizes and points for top 5 Mens & W/T/F!

Cash For top 3 Mens & W/T/F!

This Circuit will feature 2, Prime laps per field where the 1st place that during that lap will win $15 and a point if they do not podium (Top 5).

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Men's and Women's will split the Pot!

That's 10 potential winners walking away with $500+ prizes and SWAGG!!!!

Come out for the challenge.
Come out for the community.
Come out to Wards Island Circuit!

Entry: $20 Online, $25 At the Starting Line.

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      Wards island circuit TRAC:

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"The new series to watch."

A New Yorker


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